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Jason\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

Thank you Alex (Jose's Uncle) for this very special picture that you created for Jason.  It brings some peace to our broken hearts to think of Jason in the arms of Jesus.



A poem about Jason from cousin Elysia:

I see him sitting there

in the roller coaster next to me

he doesn’t look like the boy I know

but he is the boy I love

he’s the same boy I freaked out with while we waited

the boy I’m almost always mad at


I see him lying there

lifeless in a hospital bed

he doesn’t look like the boy I know

but he is the boy I love

he’s the same boy I want to wake up

the boy I’m almost always mad at


I see him in the pictures

shown at the mortuary

he doesn’t look like the boy I know

but he is the boy I love

he’s the same boy I argued with constantly

the boy I’m almost always mad at


I see him in all of the prayers

of people he knew and even people he didn’t

he is the boy I know

and he is the boy I love

he’s the same boy who touched many hearts

the boy I will never be mad at again




Garden of Sorrows

My Garden of Sorrows
by Mom

Beauty is all around me, yet my soul continues to ache

The trees, the flowers, the signing birds tend to a wound so deep

While nature blooms, my heart sinks. Deeper, deeper…..

Will my eyes open to that which blossoms?

Will my heart heal from that which there is no cure?


Healing, comfort, and joy come to me

I close my eyes to remember, I embrace the tears as they flow

You are near me, you surround me with your presence, your love,

your light

In my Garden of Sorrows, my healing blossoms, with you by my side...

This drawing depicts the broken hearted. Although life continues to blossom and flourish, the wounds that death brings to the soul may be overshadowed. It is when the wounded transform from the sadness to remembrance that they can see the beauty that surrounds them. This transformation does not have a timetable. It may be months or years, or in some cases, never. However, once the transformation occurs, a sense of peace and tranquility can soothe even the deepest wounds. Though the wounds may be tended to in a newfound perspective, the scar will forever remain.

When my son, Jason died, I was in so much shock and disbelief. How is it possible that he is gone? How is it possible that I watched him take his last breath, that I heard him utter his last words? Did this really happen? Was it just a nightmare? The shock wears off and the reality sets in. Yes, he did die. Yes, his body is gone. Yes, I am a bereaved mother. This is my new life. This is who I am now.

I realize that I have several choices following Jason’s death. I could harden my heart to those around me and could sink into a place so dark that the light around me makes no difference. I could let my grief stop me from fulfilling what I am capable of achieving. I have a choice.

My son is too important to me to stop living. I need to live my life in a positive, productive way. I need to let him live through me. I am making the choice to be a happy person, despite the incredible sadness that will always have a home in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where the world seems like an unfair, hateful place, there are days where my Garden of Sorrow has no light. It is at these times that I am trying to make the conscious effort to life up my heart, take in the air around me, and smile at the beauty in my Garden. Life and death are close companions and in my Garden of Sorrows, I can embrace both.

In Loving Memory of my Son, Jason Michael Sanchez

04.02.1997 – 09.11.2008

Forever in our Heart

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