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Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

11-27-2008, Thanksgiving Day

Ashley and I went to pick up Johnathan and Jaedyn for Thanksgiving and as we were driving home, Ashley said, "Look at the radio guys.  It's been like that for a few minutes and hasn't changed."  Johnathan and I took pics with our phones and as soon as we did, the display on the radio went back to the station display........ 

It happened again! 4-11-2010 on the way home from the Donor Ceremony! Different car, but the same message! We know you were with us son.




 Pennies from Heaven.......A few days before Jason's brother Johnathan was scheduled for an upper GI mom received an email titled "Pennies From Heaven".....So, each time we saw a penny, we smile and think of Jason.  Well, the morning of the upper GI (on Feb 9th, 2009), Johnathan was very nervous and anxious about the procedure.  In the X-Ray room, the nurses handed Johnathan a hospital gown and told him to go into the restroom to change.....On the sink in the restroom, there were 2 pennies lying there.....We smiled and knew Jason was sending his love and comfort to Johnathan to help ease his nervousness.

02-2009: After Jason died, we let each of the kids pick something special from his room that they would like to keep.  Lil Mark decided he would like Jason's bed ( - a "big kids bed" a.k.a. a queen size bed - - and a few other toys  )  After we decided that we were going to make Jason's room into  "Jason's Dallas Cowboy's Room" we agreed to move the bed.  When we took the bed apart, there was a penny laying underneath it....We all smiled - Mom, cried - and we knew that was Jason saying hello to us. Jason's room is now his Dallas Cowboy Room!! A place full of his Dallas Cowboys Stuff, lots of pictures, and lots of memories!He'd love it!!!



There is a memorial on Northern Ave. that I pass everyday on the way to work. I kept having the urge to stop there and to leave a note, so after a few weeks, I finally did….When I walked up to the cross at the memorial site, The name read Jose Sanchez… He goes by “Jay Sanchez”….That struck me as interesting….

Last night, Leroy had a dream where Jason came to him (First time he’s had a dream about Jason since he died) – He kept telling Leroy he is OK and Leroy was holding him and not wanting to let him go. Jason was telling him that he wants to go back and play. That he is happy and he is ok. Leroy still wouldn’t let him go and Jason finally told him he Needs to go back – He wants to go play. Leroy finally let him go and when he was saying goodbye, he kissed Jason’s hand where the IV’s were – There were no scars and his skin was perfect…

The mom, Maria, of the boy emailed me yesterday – it was in Spanish so I asked my friend Lilly to translate it and it said:

“Hola My name is Elena Sanchez. I am the mother of Jose Sanchez, the boy that has this memorial on Northern. Please excuse my urge to write to you, but I believe that we have something in common. The same pain that invades the soul but our future ahead will give us the reason. We lost a loved one that was so important in our lives. We gave life to a love that we carried for nine months. God let us borrow him. He took him back to heaven and now we have precious angels. I can imagine that Jason and Jose playing with precious wings. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to know more about Jason and tell you more of Jose. I don’t speak English but my daughters can. I have two beautiful daughters: Aracely is 21 and Fatima Elizabeth is 16. My son Jose was 17, on June 5th he would have been 18, but God took him. My daughter Aracely has an email address. God Bless you and your family.”

The word “Play” sticks out to me… He’s up there having a good time and being a kid with no worries….. He wants us all to know that he is OK and that he has a friend to hang out with.

R.I.P. Jose Sanchez 





A message to cousin Elysia

A couple months back we had a guest speaker in my science class about being an Organ Donor. Everything was still too recent that I had to leave halfway through the presentation. During my next class I spent most of it in the bathroom crying with my best friend and just wishing that I had Jason. I got through my next hour (third period) and by fourth period I had recovered for the most part. My fourth period class is in a building that never receives cell service. NONE at all! I had my phone in my back pocket and I suddenly felt it vibrating. I thought that maybe I just hit the side volume button and it was adjusting the volume. So, I pulled my phone out and I was getting an incoming call. I opened my phone and the inside screen said, “Incoming Call: Jason Michael Sanchez.” . It also showed that I had FULL service! It than quickly flashed to, “Missed Call: Jason Michael Sanchez at 11:11.”. In the state that I was in I thought that maybe I had just imagined it had happened. That maybe I wanted to be here so I imagined it. I then showed my phone to Courtney who was sitting next to me and by this time the main screen had gone away and I again had absolutely no service. I told her to look through my call log and tell me who just called me. When the words, “It says Jason Michael Sanchez.”, came out of her mouth I again burst into tears. I explained to her what had just happened and she couldn’t believe it either! She pulled out her phone, which was also a T-Mobile phone, and she had no service! How could this have happened? To this day I don’t have a certain answer for what happened that day, but I honestly think that it really was Jason. I believe that he saw what had been happening earlier that day and what a hard time I was having because I missed him so much. I believe that he was watching over me and he just wanted me to know that he is here and everything is okay. I now know that Jason will always be with me. I know that he is here with us everyday, just not in the form we wish he was in. 


Grandma Lucy's rose garden didn't start blooming until after you became an angel.  She knows that you are the one that has made them blossom the way they are.




 Posted on Facebook:
Notice the orb above Mark's head....I think Jason was with us... *D
hey Donita look i see a angel wing over your hat also.can u see it? no doubt jason was there.he is very proud of his mom!!!
MarkandDonita McGlasson
Yes, I do see it....He was there, no doubt. *D
Jaimee DiTommaso Pascale
I'm getting the chills...I can totally see that. They say the spirits show up in pictures. He is definitely proud of you D.

I am sure there is a scientific explanation for this picture, but in my heart, I know Jason was with us on our family vacation.  When I was uploading the pics from our vacation, I got to this one and my heart nearly stopped.  I know, without a doubt, that our son is always with us. 


Halloween October 2008 - We went to visit Jason's grave and bring him some Halloween goodies.  As we were standing near his grave, Jason's little sister Jaedyn (4 at the time) was a few feet away from us making "hugging" motions in the air.  After a few moments of this, she said in a very annoyed voice "Jason, stop hugging me.  My arms are getting tired."  Shivers went through my body as I knew without a doubt Jason was with her.  Jaedyn and Jason were so close to each other.  I know that he is her guardian and is always protecting her.

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The number 11 speaks to me....When I see it, I instantly think of Jason.  He was 11 when he died and he died on Sept 11th....I CONSTANTLY happen to look at the clock when it is 11 after, especially 9:11 - Happens ALL the time! I honestly believe that he is his little sister Jaedyn's guardian angel - She was 7lbs 11oz and was born at 11:11am.

Got my race bib today # 711

We were assigned to table 11 at Johnathan's Police Explorer Banquet/Promotion  Jason was saying "Good Job Brother"

Working on Jason's quilt with his grandma

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