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Jason\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

Jason was a happy, seemingly healthy 11 yr old.  There were no signs that we can recall that anything was happening inside of Jason’s brain.  He would complain of an occasional headache but nothing that stood out as unusual.  About a week before Jason died, he did complain about being tired, but we have a very busy schedule so I didn’t think anything of it.


The morning of September 10th, 2008 I woke Jason up around 6:30am to get ready for school.  He got up, took a shower, and got ready.  Jason came downstairs around 7am and was crying.  He said his head was hurting.  I told him to lay on my bed while I got ready for work.  I gave him some Motrin, but he never got the chance to take it.  His 4yr old sister, Jaedyn came in my room and asked Jason for some water.  He got up to go to the kitchen to get her a drink.  I heard him crying again, louder this time.  I went over to the kitchen and he said that he was going to throw up. I walked him over to the couch and sat him down.  He was continuing to cry and started saying “I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m falling mom!”.  I told him he was sitting on the couch and told him to lie down.  He threw up 2 times. Then he started saying “It’s blue! It’s blue.” He asked for a pillow and then he laid down and closed his eyes.  He started to sweat and got reddish / purplish.  I told his older brother, Johnathan that we needed to take him to the urgent care.  We tried to wake up Jason to get him in the car but he wouldn’t wake up.  I called 911. 


After what seemed like an eternity, the paramedics got there.  They started working on him – he had no pulse and was barely breathing by the time they got there.  I was in total shock that this could be happening.  It wasn’t until I heard one of the EMT’s say “Are we taking him by ground or air?”  When I heard “Air” my heart completely sank.


Jason was Airvacced to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.  When Mark and I got there, he was back getting a CT scan.  I went into shock when we heard “Code Blue to CAT SCAN”.  We knew it was Jason coding again when the emergency room nurse came back to us with tears in her eyes……We were informed that Jason had massive bleeding inside his brain and surgery had to be performed immediately.  After an unsuccessful attempt at surgery and the realization that Jason could not survive, we were told we needed to make a decision about removing his life support.  He would never breathe on his own and his heart could never beat on its own.  He was declared dead when the final test showed no blood flow to his brain.  His official date and time of death was September 11, 2008 at 2:10am.


*** We received the official cause of death from the Medical Examiner's office.  Intracerebral Hemorrahage with Unknown Etiology....Cause of death was natural****


The letter got me very upset then angry.  How could it be unknown?  How could it be natural?  There is nothing natural about an 11 year old dying.  There has to be a reason why - but there isn't....I don't understand it and I don't think I will - in this lifetime.... I am trying my best to keep faith in the fact that this is all in our plan - Jason has a purpose greater than this life....It's just hard to understand.





nho em



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