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Jason\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

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09-11-2009 1:53 AM -- By: Chuck,  From: Hawaii  

I know what tomorrow holds as far as emotions go and I wish you and your family to have all the strength you need. May Jason fill your soul with strength tomorrow and whenever you need it most.

09-10-2009 10:31 PM -- By: Patti,  From:  

To the McGlasson and Sanchez families keeping you in my heart and prayers Love Nana Patti

09-10-2009 1:27 PM -- By: Steven Shoemaker,  From: arizona  

Jason man i love you and i love you to donita this is your lil brother and i want you to know that i will always be there for you.

09-10-2009 12:22 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From: My heart  

I need your help today buddy...missing you.

09-07-2009 8:10 AM -- By: Patti,  From: AZ  

Hi Jason

It is hard to beleive that you have been gone almost a year now. Your mom misses you so much. Please send her hugs and kisses. I went to your new house and saw your room, you have a brick from the cowgirls ( I mean) cowboys that had to make you smile,


09-07-2009 2:14 AM -- By: Janna Vincent,  From:  

Hey Donita I just wanted to tell you that I have been thinking about and our Angels so much. I just wanted you to know that you Mark and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers.


09-02-2009 4:33 PM -- By: drema ,  From: in amandas heart forever  

Hey Jason,i was thinking of you and mom and your family and wanted to come visit.i went thru all of your memorial that mom made for you again,she has done a great job showing the true you and how much you are loved & missed each day and also how the family was when you was there at home with them.as your 1 yr anniversary nears i will pray for them because i know how hard it will be.be sure to send them a sign now and always because it does help.sending you lots of ((hugs))) to heaven.drema

09-01-2009 9:04 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Thinking of you  

Dearest Donita and Angel Jason and family, I wanted to thank you with all my Heart for visiting with us, You have created one of the most beautiful Tributes to your handsome son Angel Jason. What a very special Angel Jason is in Heaven. I can only Imagine how Angel Jason is smiling that beautiful smile down on you all from Heaven. Our beautiful Angels are always with us and they are always watching over us. I know one sweet day we will be together forever ever with our Angels never to be a part again. Oh what a day that will be. As I read through your memorial I cried , As I read the story about the pennies from Heaven,My brother Ronnie has been sending me a lot of pennies from Heaven.Cathy is to.My Sister Cathy was murdered on Dec 22,My niece Angie has a beautiful Tribute to her mother here at VM,Please visit with her and let us share her story with you. Her name is Cathy Gail Carnes Brown. We have met so many wonderful friends here at VM they all are a blessing to us. I wanted to thank you for sharing your Son Angel Jason with us. Angel Jason please watch over your beautiful mother and family and send them lots of signs from Heaven and lots of Angel Hugs and Kisses. We wanted to come and bring you all a big hug from our Hearts. May God Bless you and your beautiful family.....Love your friend.....Darla


08-29-2009 9:58 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Good morning son....I wanted to tell you that you are so very close to my heart and that I am missing you.  As Sept 11 nears, my anxieties increase, as the worse day of my life continues to play in my mind.  It still seems like a dream at times, like there is no possible way that you could be dead.  How does this happen? It makes no sense to me and it gets me so frustrated to think about the "why".  I don't think there is any answer to that question that would make it ok so I will do my best to remember the 11 years that we were blessed with and keep and open heart to the future when I will see you again.  I  love you Jason Michael. Please continue to send your love and presence to all of us. It means so much xoxoxox Mom

08-28-2009 7:21 PM -- By: Malinda Lerner,  From: Phoenix, AZ  

Donita, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your lovely family.

08-25-2009 10:53 PM -- By: Linda Sanchez,  From: bethlehem, pa  

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your family.  I will keep your family in my prayers.  God Bless

08-25-2009 6:54 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From: My heart  

Hey bud,

Your angelversary is coming near, and as each day passes, much pain is what I fear.  My heart will never truly heal, and longing for you is what I feel.  I look up to the sky and again wish I could fly.  I'd wished to soar high up above and once again feel the warmth of your love. 

Missing and loving you always buddy


08-25-2009 1:40 PM -- By: Elysia,  From: Mesa, AZ  

I'm at school right now and i'm in the library doing work and i sat down at the only open computer and there was a penny right in the middle of the desk. Thank you for being here Jason. I love you!!!

08-23-2009 4:32 PM -- By: Diana Dowling,  From: Kirkland, AZ  

I was thinking about you today, and how blessed I am to know your mom.  I know how much she misses you everyday.

08-20-2009 8:39 PM -- By: Joanie,  From:  

Sweet angel Jason...I am so curious as to what you are doing in Heaven. I'm sure it is an amazing place and I am sure your sweet smile lights it up even more. Your family misses you so much and are patiently waiting for the day that they will be with you again. Many hugs to you sweet angel.


08-19-2009 2:19 PM -- By: Elysia,  From: Mesa, AZ  


I miss and love you everyday. That will never change. I will continue to think of you everyday and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I don't agree with it but i know that you are in a better place now and you're not hurting. You have taught me to not be selfish. Or to take things for granted. I never fully understood the saying "you never know what you have until its gone", but now i do. I now realize the impact you had not only on my life, but on everyone you met. I will forever miss and love you Jason. I truly believe that you, Johnathon, Jaedyn and your mom came into our lives for a reason. I am truly grateful that God had a plan for her and Nino Mark to meet. My life changed forever the day i met you. For the better. I will always hold our memories close to my heart and i will never, ever let them them go. I won't ever let you go either. So remember. This isn't and will never be goodbye. Its just see ya later.

Love ALWAYS, Elysia

08-18-2009 1:24 PM -- By: doceanflower@yahoo.com,  From: Mesa, AZ  

I am sorry that I never got to meet you. Much love Desiree

08-13-2009 2:25 PM -- By: Teri Fournier,  From: Surprise, AZ  

08-08-2009 12:04 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Good Morning my love....I am holding you close to my heart.  I love you so much and I know your presence is with us.  Thank you for sending your love and comfort to us when we need it the most.  I love you son.  Mom.

08-03-2009 11:00 AM -- By: Leann,  From: Michigan  

God Bless you. My heart goes out to you.

08-02-2009 5:16 PM -- By: denise king,  From: Cumberland R.I.  

i was so sad to read about your son .i also lost a son .He was a little older than Jason .why do we have to go threw such pain ,i never knew such  pain until we lost our son .Iknew a family thats son died in his sleep the same thing happened he laid down with a headache and never woke up .So sorry for your loss. Billys mom

08-01-2009 6:02 AM -- By: Linda,  From:  

My preciose and very special angel Jason,

I am sorry I haven't been around VM much but I just wanted you to know , that I think of you even if I am not here often.

My warm thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

07-27-2009 10:52 PM -- By: Drema Pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

hi jason,i am just coming by to say nite-nite to you.wishing you a night filled with dreams.always know how much you are loved & missed and be sure to keep sending signs to your mom & family.i saw yours moms graduation pic and the angel wings so i knew you was with her.i am sending u big ((hugs))) to heaven.i hope you get them.love drema & angel amanda faith

07-22-2009 6:45 PM -- By: aunt angela,  From: az  

nephew its me aunti angela..I just wanted to come by today and tell u how much i love u nephew. I was feeling really sad today and just cant stop crying when ever i hear certain songs it just makes my heart hurt soo bad jus knowing u are gone... but one thing that always keeps me strong is knowing that someday soon we will be together soon...I will always remember nephew that it isn't good by it is see u later..

   I miss u and love u always and forever!!!!!!!

07-20-2009 3:28 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

i am so sorry for your loss... your angel and my angel baby share the same angel day, which is also my angel's birthday! 


07-20-2009 1:37 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Jason...As I uploaded pictures from my graduation, the picture with the other kids, Mark, and I had an orb and what think is an angel wing.  I know you were there with us and I know that you were proud of your mom.  You have always been one of my encouragers when I was procrastinating with my homework.  I know you never stopped cheering me on.  Thank you for being there with me yesterday - and always. I love you - Mom...

07-17-2009 9:39 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Good Morning Son.... This morning, I laid outside on the hammock and looked up at the sky...Can you see me?  I am missing you and loving you so deeply.  Love you so much Jason.   Mom

07-11-2009 5:29 AM -- By: Big mark,  From: My heart  

Hi buddy,

Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking a lot about you and wishing things were different so you could still be here. Medically, I can logically understand it, but that doesn't make my heart hurt any less. You were and are a special son, which is why I believe you were called home so soon. Loving and missing you son. 

With Love,

Big Mark

07-08-2009 2:10 AM -- By: alexander scott castro,  From: anthem arizona  

i bearly knew him but i knew his brother jonathan it was sad the whole like couple months after he passed away knowing he was into football like some others i knew who passed on i added him to the list that when i play i play for them to honor there life i'll never forget the day a boy changed my life i relize this is what we got and ill forever play football with him in my thoughts if i make the NFL i'll put him into my draft speech

in memory of jason michael sanchez

he will never be forgoten

07-07-2009 5:17 PM -- By: Cleopatra Narlis,  From: Anthem  

My heart hurts for Jasons family. It was a great loss. He seemed like such a great kid with such a kind spirit. Jason you will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace angel. You helped saved two lives xxx


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