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Jason\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

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04-02-2010 1:46 PM -- By: Athena,  From:  

Dearest Donita,

I just read your son's memorial and I can't stop crying.That was a beautiful memorial you wrote for your Jason. My heart aches for you and all the other mothers who have to face this never ending feeling of loss. Your son Jason' personality reminds me a lot of my Edward. Jason sounds like a great guy. Maybe he and Edward will find each other in heaven and become friends. Donita, Jason will never be forgotten in the memory of those who loved him and still do. It's so very hard, it's brutal some days... but I wish you Love, and Comfort, and Peace. You have left a powerful memorial here, I wish you never had to...I will be praying for you!

04-02-2010 12:47 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Dear Donita. In remembrance of Jason's birthday I hope you can remember the happiness he bought to your life. he is so special and has such a beautiful smile. Happy Birthday Jason Whisper words of comfort in the ears of those who miss you so much.


04-02-2010 12:11 PM -- By: Tina (Jacob's Mom),  From: St. Paul, MN  

Happy Birthday Jason, 

I know that you are having a great time in heaven today. Your Mom and Big Mark miss you terribly, but they know you are always with them. I am thankful I have been given the privelige of knowing them. Continue to look over them as we know you do!

Mark and Donita, My heart and thoughts are with you today and always as you manage through today and all days. Always here for you!  (((HUGS)))  Jacob's mommy! Tina


04-02-2010 9:38 AM -- By: denise king,  From: Cumberland R.I.  

so sorry for the loss of your sweet son .i too lost my son .we have to beleive we will see our sons again .he was so young .happy birthday angel jason . take care ok billys mom forever

03-30-2010 9:04 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

I know Jason's birthday is fast approaching and I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and your family.  You remain in my prayers and always in my heart.


03-30-2010 8:29 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

I need your help buddy.  I need your comfort to know that everything will work out. 

03-29-2010 1:01 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

Hi son,

Well, your 13th birthday overall, and your 2nd birthday in heaven is quickly approaching.  While we have been able to get through the last couple of years, not a moment goes by that the realization of your absence is evident.  I miss you buddy.  My heart aches and my mind races to what could have been.  I know you would have probably done some amazing things if you had been given the opportunity.  Even in your short time here, you were able to touch so many lives.  I just wish we would have had more time.  I know you hear me when I speak to you and I know you are always around.  You have a way of reminding us of that in your own way.  I just wish you were physically here at times.  Your mom and I miss you terribly, as do your brothers and sisters.  I couldn't be prouder of any of our kids. You are you and there is no one that will ever take that place and I don't believe there is anyone that will be able to live their lives as carefree as you did.  You are an inspiration my son, nothing less. I dream of the day when I get to touch you again.  When I get to see you again.  When we get to play again.  Until then, I will see you in my dreams and know you are around us, looking over us.  I love you buddy.


02-28-2010 10:25 PM -- By: RaeAnna Sabala,  From:  

I love and miss Jason. He will always be in our hearts! Not goodbye but see you later. 

02-27-2010 11:34 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Jason....My heart aches for you and I long to hold you once again...I love you son.  Mom

02-07-2010 12:22 AM -- By: Keana Madetzke,  From: AZ  

I am so sorry for your loss. I've always felt that there is nothing that anyone can say to make someone feel better when they are going through something like this. This website really shows what a great kid Jason was even though I never got to meet him. I have to say I would be honored for someone to do this for me when my day comes. I have lost loved ones in my life too and the only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that we will all be together one day. God Bless your family, Donita.

02-01-2010 3:13 PM -- By: Asha Roth,  From: Phoenix  

 Thank you for sharing.  we love you.

01-31-2010 6:38 PM -- By: Shannon LaRance,  From: Phoenix, AZ  

This website is beautiful and your son is honored in every loving detail. Thank you for sharing him with us....

He will always be remembered.

Hugs to you and your family and much love!




01-31-2010 1:27 PM -- By: Michele,  From: Phoenix  

Very handsome son, beautiful parents.....so so sorry we have met and share a common bond....but honored to meet you and your family.

I wish you wonderful memories and peaceful moments.

my son Branden branden-braddock.memory-of.com

01-29-2010 6:31 AM -- By: Big Mark,  From: My heart  

I miss you son   Big Mark

01-28-2010 8:40 PM -- By: Emily,  From: SWG 598  

what a great way to honor Jason :)

01-28-2010 4:13 PM -- By: Kelly Hughes-Halpin,  From: Scottsdale, AZ  

 Donita - 

I sit behind you in Dr. Cacciatore's class -- thank you so much for sending this link to Jason's site.  In listening to you speak in class, I've been so amazed by your openness and grace.  If "eyes are the window to the soul", Jason's pictures show a loving, proud son and despite the trying times that you mention, it is apparent that your love and acceptance was felt.  On this webpage, you show your appreciation for having Jason for his 11 years, but I can only imagine how grateful he is to have you as "Mom".  Hugs to you and your family, Kelly

01-28-2010 3:04 PM -- By: Angelic Schudt,  From:  

Dear Donita,

Thank you for sharing these lovely memories of Jason. From the looks of it, he lived 11 years of happiness and full of love.

01-28-2010 2:54 PM -- By: drema pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

Hi Jason,just wanted to say i am thinking of you today as i do so often.although i didn't know you personally i have come to know your beautiful mom & dad(mark) thru here & facebook and they are such amazing people & i know you are so proud of them as they are you. i have seen you in the pictures with your family and know you still are with them each day and protect them.they love & miss you so much.enjoy your day in heaven sweet one and know that many are thinking of you.sending you lots of ((hugs)) drema & angel amanda faith

01-27-2010 5:24 PM -- By: Uylanda,  From:  

To the Family of Jason Sanchez  ~  My heart truly aches for you and your family.  Being a mother, I can't begin to even remotely imagine what you have gone through and how hard this has been on you and your family.  Losing someone we love is never easy, but to lose someone so tender in age and innocent can some days feel unbearable. But do know that there are people who care, and there are people who want you to endure and make it through.  Just remember....one moment at a time, one hour at a time, and one day at a time. Don't rush yourself or feel you have to feel a certain way by a certain time.  Yes, you will have days when you miss Jason dearly.  And it is OK to feel that way. There is a beautiful expression in the Scriptures at Psalms 147:3 which says, “He is healing the brokenhearted ones, And is binding up their painful spots.”

I would like to provide you the link to a very encouraging article that has helped a number of parents who are trying to cope with the loss of a child. The article is entitled: "Comfort for Grieving Parents".  The VM system wouldn't allow me to include the link in this message, but if you would like me to email the link to you, please feel free to email me.   And please remember.....one moment at a time, one hour at a time, and one day at a time.

When the time and situation allows you, please look up these scriptures to provide you with some comfort of the hope that you will be able to see your wonderful Jason again. - John 5:21, 28 & 29, Revelation 21:4, Job 14: 14-15

01-27-2010 2:43 PM -- By: Elysia,  From: Mesa  

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
If only I knew what I know today

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you've done
Forgive all your mistakes
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I want to call you but I know you won't be there
Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just want to hide 'cause it's you I miss
You know it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes and see you looking back



01-24-2010 6:35 PM -- By: ,  From:  


12-29-2009 11:50 AM -- By: Big Mark,  From: My heart  


Hi my boy.  As you are aware, I have been having a hard time this holiday season.  Some difficulty from the surgery, but there is also the part of you not being here physically to share our family time.  I know your presence is here, as I feel it every day.  I know when I am feeling low, you are next to me helping me get through another day.  I know God has allowed you to do this for me and our family.  Why he took you when he did is still a mystery, but knowing you were worthy of going so young makes me proud.  I love you son and miss you every day.  Even though I can feel you, I miss being able to touch you and joke around with you.  Thank you for watching over your brothers and sisters.  Thank you for giving strength to your mom and I.  Some days are harder than others, but thinking of seeing you again one day, makes it bearable.  I love you bud, and I hope to see you in my dreams. xoxoxox  Big Mark

12-24-2009 4:24 PM -- By: Patti,  From: AZ  

Hi Angel Jason


Wanted to stop by and say hi and Merry Christmas. Hug your mom and Mark tonight. I know that it is hard for them right now. I am just happy that you are there with Dan, Mike my mom and dad. They are partiers so I am sure they will make you laugh.


12-20-2009 9:29 AM -- By: Luz M Hernandez,  From: San Antonio TX  

I am the wife of Carmen Murray's brother "Mario Hernandez"  I was so touched by the wonderful tribute you have given your son Jason.  Familes are forever and you have certainly showed so many what being part of a family truly is.   Donita you are one special lady and I know Jason was blessed to be part of your life if only for a short time.  The memories we carry in our hearts will be forever.  You will see you Jason again someday and he will welcome you with open arms.    Thank you for sharing Jason's life with us. 

12-18-2009 1:12 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi Jason...As you know, Mark and I went to visit your grave yesterday.  You know that I do not like going there too often.  When I see your headstone it just doesn't make any sense to me.  I know your physical body is there but YOU are not there.  I just don't associate YOU being there because I know, without a doubt, that you are with us still.  You are in the presence of Angels, of Jesus, and of God.  YOU are an angel - I believe you are Jaedyn's Guardian Angel, chosen before your life on Earth even began.  I know that you volunteered to take on that role and God found you worthy enough to do so.  As your mom, that makes me proud and brings me great comfort.  Your death with never make sense to me.  You were perfectly healthy and there was no logical reason that you should have died.  It gets me upset to even think about why it had to happen the way it did.  But at the same time, it brings me peace to know that you are closer to me than I even realize.  I am sure you are walking with me each day, especially the days that I need it the most.  You are waiting for me and you are surrounding me with your love.  YOU have made it possible for my heart to heal, as you are holding it together.  I love you so much son and I miss you like crazy.  As another Christmas approaches, I quietly close my eyes and remember the great times that we had each Christmas morning.  You were always so excited to open your presents and to see what you got.  Stay close to us this Christmas and always...I love you so very much son.  xoxoxox Mom

12-17-2009 1:34 PM -- By: James Thomas,  From:  

RIP Jason !! We know you are in heaven watching over us all.

12-16-2009 12:59 PM -- By: Kristine Schlitzer,  From: Anthem  

I just came accross this memorial page, Jason lived on my street and although I did not know him I have since met family members. I just looked through this entire memorial and cried with each beautiful memory and picture you have shared. If anyone has any doubt that their are Angels out there watching over the people they love they only need to see  and hear your stories to know Jason is a true Angel. God Bless you all !!!

12-09-2009 9:02 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

As the holidays approach, my prayer is that you find some comfort in the love you share and the memories you cherish. 


12-07-2009 4:26 PM -- By: Nicole ,  From: Arizona  

I Love this and I'm sorry again for the loss.

11-26-2009 10:11 AM -- By: Big Mark,  From: home  

Buddy, son, lil dude, but most of all Jason.  You have been on my mind, and lets face it, you're on my mind everyday.  I know you were out there hunting with me or I would never have got a deer.  Same thing when we went elk hunting....I know you were there.  I miss you my buddy.  It's hard to believe this is the second Thanksgiving we are spending without your smile, without your laugh, without you.  You are missed greatly son and loved like there is no end.  You know that though, don't ya?  Just in case you didn't, I wanted to tell you.  As this holiday season gets under way, do me a favor please.  Check in on us and let us know you are okay.  I'm sure you are having a good time, but there are times when we need you more than others.  Happy Thanksgiving buddy. I love and miss you greatly.....Big Mark


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