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Jason\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

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11-14-2008 9:49 PM -- By: Sandy,  From: Maine  

11-14-2008 4:04 PM -- By: sonya,  From: missouri  

Hello Donita and Angel Jason

Just wanted to say Thanks for stopping by and visiting with my grandson Johnathan. I am so sorry for Jason having to leave this earth at such a young age. God had to have better plans for him. Like you I want to know WHY, but thats a question I will probably never get answered.

Take Care Sonya (Johnathan's Nene)

11-14-2008 3:06 PM -- By: paula,  From: rock hill sc  

I came by to look at jason memorial again. you have done a great job with it. Im making a angel page for Kristen and i wanted to know if i could add jason thanks

11-13-2008 11:33 PM -- By: Katrina,  From: Florida  

Thank you for visiting my daughters VM and leaving a message.  It really means alot to me for each visitor to sign Heather's guestbook.  I am so sorry for your loss and  my heart breaks for you as I know how hard this journey we have to take is .  Just know that you are not alone.  If you need to chat, I'm just a click away.

Makeing a virtural memorial for Heather has helped me more than anything.  I hope that you can find as much comfort here from your new VM family as I have.

You have made a beautiful memorial for Jason and I'm sure he is so proud of you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

Hugs and Prayers......Katrina  >i< Heather's Mom


11-13-2008 1:03 AM -- By: Yvonne Causwell,  From: Birmingham  

Hi Donita and Angel Jason I know I haven't been here in awhile. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I added your Angel to my special angel page if you don't approve I'll remove it. God Bless

Yvonne and Angel Saudia



11-12-2008 11:09 AM -- By: Bernadette L,  From: Albuquerque  

I wanted to let you all know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers.< God's faithfulness wev'e known thoughout the years, His oneness with us in our joys and tears; So many times the Lord has helped us through, Has answered prayer and given strenth anew.~F.Hess >

11-11-2008 12:13 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Today is the Marine Corps Birthday and tomorrow is Veteran's Day.  I was so proud of you when you finished bootcamp for the Young Marines.  I know you would have went on to the Marine Corp as you wanted to if you had the chance.  You are a hero to me son.  You have done so much good since you have been gone.  I see it all the time. For my special Young Marine - Ooo Rah! 

11-10-2008 6:58 PM -- By: Andrea,  From:  

Thinking of you all and sweet angel Jason!!




11-08-2008 7:53 PM -- By: Tiffany,  From: Gibsonburg, OH  

Donita,    I'm sorry about your loss.  I read your site for Jason and it's just beautiful.  I also love the picture that is at the beginning of his site.  I work for Lifetouch and that is a definite handsome picture of him.  I am truely sorry for your loss and I hope that the website helps you. 

11-08-2008 1:20 AM -- By: Rita,  From: michigan  

Dear Donita & Angel Jason, I have been thinking of you and wawnted to stop by and visit with you a while and send prayers your way.  Gosh I wish there were words to say to you to help in your grieving.  I don't think anything in life can hurt as much as loosing our children.  My only consulation is knowing there is no more pain or suffering and that one day we too will be reunited with them never having to leave them again.  I pray grants you the strength you need to face each new day and that your faith stays strong, for God will always be here for you.  God bless you, Always, Love n' Hugs, Rita

11-07-2008 7:38 PM -- By: Donita - Mom,  From: Wendy- Donar Network  

Wendy- Did you work with the nurse Kathleen that day/night? We've thought about you all quite often and wanted to thank you for your kindness and your true dedication to helping others. My email is on the first page of his memorial.  please feel free to email.  Thank you and please know your work is appreciated.

11-07-2008 4:57 PM -- By: Wendy,  From: Donor Network  

Dear Sanchez/McGlasson Family,

Someone sent me this link today, and I could not help but cry my eyes out looking at what a beautiful boy Jason was.  I was your organ recovery coordinator they day that Jason became a donor.  I think about you guys often and wonder how you are doing.  You have such a BEAUTIFUL family and such giving hearts.  Seeing these pictures of Jason and what a very happy boy he was, and after getting to know you a bit, I realized how lucky he was to have such a wonderfully loving family as you all are. They say that children teach us the most...we could all learn from Jason, and his joy of life that is so present in his eyes. 

You are in my thoughts and prayers and Jason is etched on my heart.



11-06-2008 10:29 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Good Night Son  

Jason- I've been thinking about you all day....I love and miss you LOTS...Good night baby boy.  Love Mom

11-06-2008 1:16 PM -- By: Danielle Leo,  From:  

 Thank you for signing Jadyn's guestbook. It really means a lot!! It brought me to your son Jason's site and as I read his story it brought tears to my eyes. How tragic for all of you!! Life is so unpredictable, and so unfair at times....I'm so sorry for your loss....I see that you feel him around you and that he is letting you know that he is there. Our Angels work in amazing ways!! 

God Bless you and your family,

Danielle-Angel Jadyn's Mom

11-06-2008 11:42 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Jason - I know that you had a hand in saving Grandpa Leroy's life and for getting Jeannie to the doctor.  You have worked so many miracles already in the short time you have been gone.  Your presence is everywhere son and you have touched so many lives.  I am so proud of you that you continue to bless us in all the ways that you have.  Jaedyn is having a hard time.  She is missing you.  I know she saw you on Halloween when we visited your grave.  Watching her hug the air made me smile - she knew you were there.  You two have a special bond that even death could not break.  I love you and miss you so much honey....I can't wait to see you again someday.  But for now, I just close my eyes and feel you close to me. I love you- Mom

11-06-2008 10:05 AM -- By: Trudy Dumas,  From:  

Dear Sweet AngeL Jason and Mommy Donita !

   Thank you so much for visiting my Angel Gina ! There's absolutely nothing that can compare to the devastaion and grief of losing one of out\r children !  It helps when others...LIKE YOURSELF.....stop by and visit with us ! thank you Donita !

  I chuckled when I read the story about the 'Tooth Fairy'  That is just so cute ! I'll sit and remember things that Gina did that made us all crack up....it breaks my heart that she is no longer here with us ! So I know how you are feeling ! Please KNOW that I am always here for you ! I will be praying for you !



11-04-2008 3:22 AM -- By: Alain Reyes,  From: New Jersey  

Hi Donita, I think you tried sending me a message today but when i opened up the email it was blank with just the words support virtualmemorial dot com.

Anyways, i noticed on another VM that you finally found out the cause of death. Intracerebral Hemorrahage with Unknown Etiology??  Upon doing a little research it appears it\'s linked to aneurysms. 

anyways.... please know that I think of Jason often. Such a cute young innocent little boy, same age as my boy. And I pray for God to give you the strength you need to continue breathing without Jason in your life.

11-04-2008 3:21 AM -- By: Alain Reyes,  From: New Jersey  

11-03-2008 1:17 PM -- By: Jeannie,  From: Phoenix  


I think about you and D all the time. It's like I know the days she is most sad. Please keep watch over her & Jaedyn, of course the rest of your family and friends too. I am always here for your mom, I would do anything to be able to comfort her. I will never forget any of you and will pray all the time for family. Bless you sweet child.

11-01-2008 12:21 AM -- By: paula,  From: rock hill sc  

  thanks for coming to my sister's memorial. Im sorry for your loss. i hope his little sister will remember her bother. i remember a little about my sister but i think it hurts more now that im older and can unstand it better. and i think it helps better if someone talks about them. no one talked about my sister to me. i just knew she died of sids.

10-31-2008 8:50 PM -- By: Drema Pearson,  From:  

thinking of jason and mommy tonite along with the rest of the family,i am hoping you are having a good evening  though i know you are missing your son.i hope you have some answers soon.i had a anursym when i was 8 1/2 months pregnant and i lost my little girl.now thats all you hear  about is anursyms,i am scared i may get another one.have they said that may be what happen to jason? or they just not saying yet, he is sooo cute and handsome.i love the pics of him.thank you for sharing your prized possession with us.take care i will visit soon,(((hugs)) Drema


10-31-2008 6:06 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Happy Halloween Jason  

Hi Jason- I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you today. This is the first holiday that we've had where you are not here. It's very hard for us. Johnathan was upset at school today. I talked to him and reminded him about the fun times when you guys would dress up each year....We are going to visit your grave today and bring you a little something for Halloween. We all love you and miss you LOTS!

10-31-2008 4:24 PM -- By: Tina,  From: St. Paul, MN  

Dear, sweet Donita and Angel Jason.

I am so very sorry for your loss of such a handsome, spirited boy. My heart truly goes out to you! I hope that you find comfort and peace in the many difficult months to come. I know that it is hard, but God needed another Angel and had a bigger purpose for him. Unfair I know, but he is not hurting and has eternal life and happiness.

My heart goes out. Please know that I am here for you if you need to talk.

Tina~ mommy of Jacob Austin

10-30-2008 9:05 AM -- By: Mom,  From: Good Morning Son  

Hi Jason- I wanted to tell you that I am missing you but as I am looking at your beautiful smile you are reminding me of how much you love me and that you are right here by my side.  You memories bring a smile to my face and comfort me when I am sad.  Thank you for being close to my heart and for taking care of your momma  Love you son!

10-30-2008 5:18 AM -- By: Jeff,  From: Avatar Tat2  

We were all sorry to hear about your loss. My son is 11 yrs old right now and I could not imagine what it would be like to lose him at such a young age so your loss hit close to home with me.Your son would have had a wonderful time with us at the studio as you could imagine but it is nice we can do something for you now. We know that the tattoo's we have put on you permanently means alot and so does your friendship now. You guys are welcome here anytime and we are truly looking forward to seeing you again.

10-29-2008 8:30 PM -- By: Janice,  From: Al  

Donita,  there are just no words to tell you how sorry I am. Your memorial for Jason is so beautiful. His love for all of you is something that will never leave. I wish there was something I could say that could ease this pain for your family. I know that Lakyn & Jason have to be the best of friends because they are so much alike. Their love for their families will live forever. You carry Jason with you with every breath you take because you carry him in your heart. I have met many wonderful friends here on VM & I know that they have helped me more than they know. Grief has many faces & no one is alone here. My heart & prayers are with you & your family.  If ever you need to talk my email is jitterbug@centurytel.net. May God give you peace & comfort. Love, Janice (Lakyn's Nana)

10-29-2008 1:02 PM -- By: Rita,  From: michigan  

Dear Donita & Angel Jason,  Stopping by to visit and send BIG HUGS to both of you.  Jason send a sign to your momma and let her know you are safe in our Heavenly Fathers home.  Please help her to find the peace of heart that she so dearly needs. 

Thinking of you today Donita and praying that God will bless your heart with peace and comfort in knowing that thru your Faith your beautiful angel rest safely in our Saviors arms.  Always, Love n' Hugs, Rita

10-29-2008 7:18 AM -- By: Trudy Dumas,  From:  

Dearest Angel Jason, Donita & family !

    Families are Forever! I truly believe that !  I just don't understand why things have to happen in life ! I am so deeply sorry for Jason!  I just barely read another Memorial where the cause of death was a brain aneurysm (Angelica Reyes) ! Reading little Jason's story has taught me something that I will make sure to spread to all I know !     My two daughters are 20 and 23 (I lost my middle one: Gina),  my oldest one has headaches quite often ! NOW- after reading Jason's story, I'm not going to take it so lightly !   By telling Jason's Life Story, you have most likely helped (saved),  hundreds of people !  I know I'm going to spread the word ! And I have 13 brothers and sisters.....not to mention all the cousins !

    I am so sorry Jason wasn't able to live a long life ! I don't understand it at all !  Maybe one day I will!

Until then....I will be thinking about you and praying for you amd your family!

Hugs to You!


10-28-2008 2:35 PM -- By: kathy chavez,  From: albuquerque  

 To Jasons beloved family,  I was blessed to have Jason visit in our home with his grandma and grandpa sanchez. He was a very happy boy. He brought happy memories of my own boys when they were his age. Mom and Dad I want you to know what a polite,mannerly son he was in our home. we enjoyed him very much. His grandma Lucy always bragged about how special he was.  She always had wonderful, funny stories about the kids ,especi. ally Jason Keep your faith and all your family very close, you all need each other now more than ever. God Bless All of You. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.  Marty and Kathy Chavez

10-28-2008 2:28 PM -- By: Bianca,  From:  

I'm sorry for the loss of Jason.I will keep you in my prayers .God Bless.Love,Always.


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