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Jason\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-6-2008 by
Donita McGlasson
Jason Michael Sanchez
April 2 1997 - September 11 2008

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02-04-2009 11:27 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi son,

As you know, I have been having a hard time trying to figure out why you left this earth before the rest of us.  I drive myself crazy at times trying to figure it out.  The thing is, I never will.  I won't have the answer in this lifetime and that is what gets me upset.  You were special and you had a mission on earth and you fulfilled it and now, you are working on your heavenly mission.  It does make me feel good to know that my son was chosen above the rest to do our Father's work, but your physical absence leaves a hole in my heart.  I love you so much Jason and when I see your beautiful smile it helps me to remeber how blessed I was to have you here for 11 years.  I can't wait to see you again - to hug you again.  This life isn't easy but knowing that you are watching over me helps.  I love you son....Mom

02-04-2009 9:59 PM -- By: Jeannie,  From: Phoenix  

Dear Mark and Donita,

Thinking about all of you and what wonderful people you are! You have done so much to help all these others it's such a wonderful thing you have done. Please know you are the best friends ever and I love you both with all my heart and miss Jason dearly. I admire your strength D, you are a blessing to so many people and have touched more than you will ever know.  Tons of Love!!! Jeannie

01-28-2009 2:11 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear my VM family & Angels,

If you are receiving this mass message it is because you have supported me during the saddest part of my life. I am sorry we all had to meet here, this way, but I feel that if there is anything we can do to honor our Angels we must do it.

For me, honoring my Angel has begun with the fight to raise awareness of OxyContin abuse…


In February 2005 Citizen Petition 2005P-0076 was filed with the FDA by Barbara and Kirk Van Rooyan on behalf of all those who have died or become addicted to OxyContin.

I have put a page on James’ VM with a link to this petition.

I humbly request you to sign this petition and recall OxyContin so it can be made safer and better regulated. It is totally free and will not take you more than 5 seconds, after you do so, you will receive one email confirmation –no spam.

Eternal Gratitude, Julie Heuton


01-28-2009 7:13 AM -- By: Trudy,  From:  

Dearest Little Angel Jason and wonderful Mom: Donita ! This memorial is so beautiful! I loved the little story about the tooth fairy! I am so sorry for your loss! I can tell that Jason was so very loved ! It breaks my heart ! May this year be a better year for you all! Much love, Trudy

01-27-2009 11:48 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

I could use you being you today kid.  Hard day. 

01-27-2009 11:14 AM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: Rockland, MA  

I really believe that. Huge hugs to you, too.

01-27-2009 10:36 AM -- By: Nancy,  From: IL  

First of all I'd like to thank you so much for visiting my Matthew's site and for the kind things you wrote in his guestbook. That means more to me than words can express. My heart goes out to you. I read through the pages and cried for your loss. I don't understand why something like this happens. I can tell that your sweet Jason had a heart of gold. I guess he was too good for this world. I got chills as I looked at the picture of the radio station. It must've felt good to get a sign like that from him. I pray for a sign, a dream, anything, but so far I have to go on faith. I know that our son's are in a place more wonderful than we can even imagine and we will see them again someday. Thank you for sharing your angel with me. I will hold him in my heart along with you and your beautiful family. God bless you, and may you find peace on this journey of grief. With much love, Nancy, Matthew's mom

01-26-2009 7:40 PM -- By: Jamie Reel,  From: Rockland, MA  

Just wanted you to know that I think about all of you often & hope you're all well. Take care.

01-26-2009 2:25 AM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

You were on my mind today buddy and I thank you for that.  Your mom and I were taking about you earlier.  You brought a smile others couldn't.  I love you and miss you. 

01-23-2009 5:06 PM -- By: Aunt Amanda,  From:  

I have tried several times to put my feelings into words but I have been unable to until today. You were only in my life for a short time but taught me more than a lifetime together could have. As I am again faced with the death of a loved ones it makes my thoughts also turn to you again. We miss you everyday and you will never be forgotten. I just wish David could have met his big cousin. Here is a poem that puts my feelings into words.

I keep thinking of all the people who cast despairing eyes toward the dark heavens and cry "WHY?" And I imagine him (Jesus) I imagine him listening. I picture his eyes misting and a pierced hand brushing away a tear. And altough he may offer no answer, although he may solve no dilemma, although the question may freeze painfully in mid-air, he who also was once alone,understands.

-Max Lucado

I love you Jason until we meet again



01-21-2009 9:58 PM -- By: Mom ,  From:  

Jason - I've been very teary eyed the last few days.  I keep replaying the day you left over and over in my mind.  I wish there was something that I could have done for you.  I wish you were still here with us.  I wish we still had those nights of homework that would stress us out, I wish we would still have those "talks" when you would get in to trouble.  I wish I could just hug you one more time.  I just wish you were here with us....  I love you son!

01-21-2009 1:40 PM -- By: Rose,  From: Mesa  

Donita, my heart breaks for you and the rest of the family in the loss of Jason.  This is a beautiful memorial for your son and I hope that it brings you comfort and peace. He is your angel now just as my daughter is an angel. When we lost our daughter she was only 14 months old and I was a young girl of 21. I'm now 61 and her memory has not faded, the pain has abated somewhat but when someone loses a child the pain comes back. When we lost Jessica 15 months ago the pain today is still unbearable but with the help of God and praying, praying, and praying we are starting to feel a little sunshine again. Your life will never be the same, the joy you found in life will never again be as bright but you will have joy. Take care, will be praying for you and your family. God bless, I love you guys!!  Aunt Rosie

01-20-2009 5:26 PM -- By: Alain Reyes,  From: New Jersey  

Hi Donita....

I was just sitting here so depressed and thinking of my beloved Angie and how hard this has been for me, and then I go on to think about my 11 year old son, Adrian... and thank God I have him..... but I also know life isn't fair, and God could take him away from me too.... which leads me to think of your little man, Jason.

I'm so sorry for your loss. May God continue giving you strength.

I just want you to know that I was thinking about Jason today.

01-17-2009 4:41 PM -- By: Sarah McMahon,  From: Grand Island, NY  

Hailey and I love you all!

01-15-2009 1:44 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  


I'm having a hard today today.  I could use your help today to make it through.  I dropped Mark and Ashley off at school today.  When I was leaving though, I saw a kid that was dressed just like you used to dress.  I thought for a minute I saw you and then realized it wasn't.  I hurt  right now bud.  You leaving still does not make any sense to me.  I still hate the fact you are not here. I'm upset I don't get to see you grow up. I hate the fact you are not here. I haven't been the same since you left.  I will never be.  You were taken too early Jason.  You were taken too early.

01-14-2009 8:46 AM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

Hi buddy.  We went to the snow this last weekend.  Your brothers and sisters had a good time.  We all did actually.  I had a few moments when I rememebered the year before when you were with us and Varun hit you with that BIG snow ball :-)  We had a good time then too.  Even though it was a fun day, I couldn't help but think you would be loving this right now.  I'm sure you were watching and laughing at us falling down and making fools of ourselves.  There was definitely a hole there, but when I stopped to think about you, it helped fill that hole with your presence.  I love you son and miss you greatly.  I wish you I could hug you one more time buddy.  See your smile.  See you roll your eyes.  See you play with Jaedyn and Mark.  Just to see you.  I know I will see you again when the Lord calls me home, but until then, I will hold you in my memories and my heart.  Be a good boy, like you can be -when you want to :-).  I love you son.  I will talk to you later. 

01-09-2009 5:53 PM -- By: Micah,  From:  

Jason - We never really got a chance to get to know each other, but I see what a great impression you have left on everyone in your family. I know how much they miss you each and every day. I look forward to the day when we can get to know one another in our Fathers Kingdom. Until then, I know you will be keeping an eye on everyone from up above. See ya soon.

01-09-2009 2:51 PM -- By: Kathy,  From: Mammoth  

I am reading, and crying for you and yours. As a mom myself, I know a mother's love never dies. How wonderful is this site dedicted in memory to an obviously wonderful boy. God bless you Jason Michael, and all of your family.

01-09-2009 11:16 AM -- By: Becki Jaramillo,  From: Rio Rancho, New Mexico  

Donita and family,

I am so sorry for your loss. Your son's story has deeply touched me. He must be so proud that he was a hero and helped other people even after the Lord called him up to heaven. My prayers are with you and your family.

Love, Becki

01-07-2009 8:08 PM -- By: Donita - Mom,  From:  

Hi Jason....I am just looking at your picture and smiling as I remember the good times that we had....we are going to play in the snow this weekend....I think about when we went last year and Varun got you with that big snowball.  We had a fun time on the sleds....I'm going to miss you being there this time but I'll try to take some comfort in remembering that you're right by our side...I love you son and I miss you lots.  Love Mom

01-07-2009 12:21 AM -- By: Uncle Mike McGlasson,  From: Mesa  

I miss your text's, sometimes that was the only thing that got me through some bad days and helped me smile,  I'm having one of those days now :-( . I love you buddy and I know your watching me while I type this. You are still on my mind everyday and I know you are where you are meant to be, but doesnt make it easier. Please say hi to my grandparents for me and I'll see you again someday when god decides. I love you nephew.

01-06-2009 12:51 PM -- By: Goran Culibrk,  From: Gilbert, AZ  

With deepest condolences to the McGlasson family from the Culibrk family.

01-06-2009 9:44 AM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

Hi son.  You have been on my mind a lot lately.  Especially on the days I know you should be home, but you're not.  I can't help wondering what you would be doing right now and what you would be into.  I feel robbed that we didn't get to see the man you would have grown into.  I know I would have been proud of you.  I always was (even when you were grumpy

I miss you son.  Until we meet again my friend, know I am holding you close to my heart. 

01-06-2009 8:56 AM -- By: Amber Anderson,  From: Surprise, AZ  

Dear Jason,

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I know your step dad, Big Mark. He has always talked about you and your brothers and sisters. He loves each and everyone of you dearly. He truly misses you! You are a loved little boy!

01-05-2009 8:48 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Donita and Sweet Jason,

I wanted to let you know that you are in my thougths and prayers and always in my heart.



01-05-2009 8:43 PM -- By: Janna,  From:  

Donita, I know what you mean about the New Year 2009 I wish this was not happening in our lives. It's not fare and never will be. As for our new year it sucked. We were in bed by 11 and I just could not take it. All the Holidays will never be the same (How could they) to me they are just another day in pain with out my beautiful boy Jephrey in my arms. Sorry been having a really hard time these last couple of weeks... It's just getting harder and harder for me.

01-05-2009 7:46 PM -- By: Janna,  From:  

Hey Donita I just wanted to tell you that I have been thinking about you a Jason.

01-04-2009 10:01 PM -- By: Chuck,  From: Hawaii  

Yes Donita, are hearts are broken. The holidays are so very hard. I know Jason is missed and loved by all of his loved ones. Yet, that makes it no easier. We are 11 days away from Coltons one year anniversary. One year without my son, it's just not right, not fair. Wishing you all well in 2009. As well as it can be without the ones we love.

01-04-2009 9:14 PM -- By: Big Mark,  From:  

I miss you son.

01-03-2009 2:32 PM -- By: Grandma Jacquie,  From:  

There is a plan greater than us. Jason is part of that eternal plan and he is now in the hands of the Master Planner. Let us be still and know that God is in charge. He Loves all his children and will carry them through every challenge of this life. What a comfort to know this and what a blessing to feel the presence of those that have gone on before us. God Lives and so shall we!!


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